The mangrove swamp  
The ground in this area is completely covered by water. Therefore, this type of forest is called mangrove swamp or marsh. In it live trees and other plants that have adapted themselves to these conditions in order to survive.
The mangroves absorb the water and release it again and thus become natural filters that purify the dirty water of the rivers, lakes and seas. For this reason and also that mangroves serve as home to many species of plants and animals, they are very important throughout the world.
In order to be able to survive in these water-saturated surroundings the trees stretch their roots above the ground’s surface in order to be able to sustain their weight, growing taller by absorbing a large quantity of nutrients, which isn’t easy as nutrients are scarce in swampy areas. The trees and the rest of the plants also aid in the prevention of the impoverishment and erosion of the ground caused by the presence of so much water.